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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is an educational advocate?


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Q: What is the IDEA?

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Q: What is FAPE?

A: FAPE stands for Free Appropriate Public Education.  To be eligible for FAPE under the IDEA, one must be a child with a disability, and because of that need special education and related services. 

Q:  What is a disablity?


Q:  What is special education?


Q:  What are related services?


Q:  What are supplementary services?


Q:  What is Least Restrictive Environment?

A:  Students with disabilities must be educated with students without disabilities to the maximum extent appropriate.

Q: Am I allowed to bring an educational advocate with me to school meetings?

A: Yes.  It is advisable to give the school notice that you will be bringing an adovcate.  It helps to support the feeling of trust among the parties to know that you are not looking to suprise them; rather, you are there to look out for your child's best interests.

Q: My child's teacher suggested that I put my child, who has ADHD, on medication.  Can the school compel me to medicate my child?

A: No.  While the law does not prevent a teacher or other school personnel from offering his/her opinion, the IDEA prohibits school personnel from requiring a child to be medicated in order to attend school, receive an evaluation, or receive special education.

Q: My child has an IEP.  How often is the school required to reevaluate my child?

A: The school is required to reevaluate your child once a year.  However, the parent and school may agree to more frequent evaluations, and, the school must reevaluate your child if his/her educational needs change or if the parent or teacher requests a reevaluation.

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