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Advocating for Children. Helping Families.
Securing Free Appropriate Public Education

The mission of Education Advocates of Northern Virginia is to help families of children with learning differencesspecial education needs and disabilities receive the free appropriate public education to which they are entitled. Unfortunately, for too many families, securing what their children are entitled to under the law is often a daunting task, wrapped in meetings and paperwork, red tape and clashing personalities. It is at this juncture that Education Advocates of Northern Virginia is here to help.  

“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.”



Through parental consulting we offer guidance in preparation for meetings with teachers, staff, and district administration. Working together, we will develop a strategic plan for you to interact directly with your child's school based on the powerful combination of parental understanding of what your child needs, and the experience and skills of an educational advocate.  We work together in developing a well thought out plan to advocate for what will be in your child’s best interest. Learn More

Direct Advocacy

Direct advocacy begins with collaborative preparation for, and attendance at, parental meetings with schools and administration. Most parents experience a great sense of relief to have a professional on their side of the table during these important (and, in many cases, emotional) meetings.  For most, the opportunity to let us take the reins within IEP, 504, and other important conversations, allows parents to focus on their child, and specifically, his or her needs, at these complex meetings. Learn More 

About Kimberly Greenspan 

As an educational advocate with a legal background, Kimberly is in a unique position to understand the laws protecting children and families, and to advise her clients on how to best navigate through the maze of special education in our schools. Learn More 

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